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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I know you wonder where I've been

But I have a good reason for neglecting the blog. For the past 3 weeks I have spent a lot of my free time putting a pocket door on the small bathroom that Linda uses most. It was finished this morning.

I've included a picture so you can see how it turned out. When I started I was afraid it might be a disaster and I wasn't sure I wanted that recorded, so I don't have a before picture (or during pictures for that matter). You'll have to use imagination I'm afraid.

In the picture, the area outlined in red is where most of the work was done. With the help of a friend (who gave me the courage to tackle this job myself) I tore the wall down to the studs. We cut the studs short to make the pocket for the door to slide into. We hung the door mechanism into the rough opening. We redid the drywall over everything, including the taping and the mudding. Finally there was a lot of paint, then the trim. This morning I gave a second coat to the trim and repainted one wall inside the bathroom that just didn't turn out quite right.