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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Ellie and I went treating this evening. She had fun but was strangely restrained for a kid. Her bucket wasn't even full when she announced, "I think I'm done Dad. Two more doors and I'll be ready to go home."

She's good about sharing her candy. She told me I could eat whatever I wanted. Later I asked if I could open a little bag of M&Ms. She replied, "I already told you. You can eat whatever you want." What kid is like that?

Linda is good. Perhaps a bit tired. And she's dreading the cold of winter. It's a lot harder to get around for her when the air turns cold.

I am busy with classes, and I'm behind on my grading this week. Not behind by the standards of some people, but behind by my measure. Some not-insignificant part of my time has been consumed lately trying to decide which level of insurance to enroll in. I don't know how people who can't do mathematics ever decide. I think they probably just pay too much.

We actually discussed insurance as a topic in one of my classes. It is a game of incomplete information. The insurance company is particularly in the dark, because you know a lot about your health they have no idea about. I mentioned to my student about my deliberations. He suggested I explain it to the class so they could see how people really work to "game the company."