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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

School routine

We've got something of our routine down for summer school. Ellie is clearly enjoying summer school, although she is totally coy about what she does there. I've learned that her teacher's name is Mrs. O'Brien. Three of the boys from pre-school are in her class, and several of the girls from pre-school ride the afternoon bus with her.

About the only thing that Ellie will admit to doing at school is playing outside. I've asked her about drawing (she claims she doesn't), writing (her name or letter and she claims she doesn't), reading. She must be doing something, but she doesn't let on. She is happy to tell us when people in her class have "turned a ticket," which is part of the discipline strategy. I knew to ask about that, because one of Ellie's friends is also tight-lipped about school but always eager to report who got in trouble.

The days seems longer now, because we have to get Ellie up early to catch the bus. I walk her out each morning. At first, she was so excited that she would talk about things they were doing. But now she is mellowing out some, so even when we walk out and wait I can't get much out of her.

Linda's been getting up a bit earlier too, to see Ellie off. At first it was mostly for nothing, because Ellie was to excited to pay attention to anyone but herself. But now that things are getting a bit more ordinary she is talking to Linda again.